El Cerrito Martial Arts

My son has been training at El Cerrito Martial Arts since the beginning of this school year. We had been looking for both a martial arts program and a new after school program. On the recommendation of a friend, we decided to look into the program at E.C.M.A.

After talking with Cody, I felt comfortable with giving their after school martial arts program a try. This has been a great decision. My son really enjoys it there and has shown tremendous growth in a short period of time. The daily instruction, play, snack, and study times have been of great comfort as a parent. They pick the program's children up from their respective local schools and provide a safe after school option for working parents until 6:15pm M-F.

Plus, the instructors help make learning fundamental techniques easy for children to digest. The fact that my child is developing important physical skills makes me feel good, but even better is how much he enjoys it.

Cody has assembled a talented and capable group of instructors. Sensei's Josh, Harris, Ricardo, and Cody all work with the kids in the program. I gladly endorse this program and am glad we found El Cerrito Martial Arts
Ken B.

My son (7) has been going to ECMA for a year now and he really enjoys it. Cody is patient but firm with the kids. They have been accommodating with my unpredictable schedule and has a pick up from school which is very convenient for busy parents.      
I really appreciate how he encourages the older children to mentor the younger kids.
There's also a relaxed but serious atmosphere in the dojo that I feel is more inviting to kids. In an era where violence is glorified and everyone thinks they can become an MMA fighter, it is comforting to see that Cody and Josh stress the right amount of discipline, fun, and learning to the kids.


It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial

I initially went to El Cerrito Martial Arts in January of 2009 as a student along with my son. Unfortunately, my son and I were unable to continue due to unforeseeable circumstances. Needless, to say we were sidelined for a little more than a year. In early 2010 I decided to take my son back to El Cerrito Martial Arts, Right from the beginning, Cody and one of his students from the previous year greeted us with open arms and remembered us. We immediately started the process once again. Six months later, my son continues to learn Jiu Jitsu and thrive.

Cody is an excellent practitioner and a great instructor--has won numerous prestigious tournaments. In my opinion, he has taught the children in the class pretty advanced moves. Moreover, he is patient, reassuring, and kind to the students as they learn. He continually challenges and supports the children as they progress in their learning. This is the best place to learn Martial Arts!

A side note: I had looked into other Jiu-Jitsu schools in San Francisco prior to El Cerrito Martial Arts, not because I did not want my son to go to Cody's school, but because it was going to be a major sacrifice to get my son to class. I live in San Francisco, my son lives in Berkeley, I work in Palo Alto, and I go to school in Berkeley in the evenings. I wanted something a little closer to me, but after giving it some thought I decided that I wanted him to learn from Cody. It is well worth the sacrifice. The Tuesday and Thursday schedule coincides with my Berkeley class.

I will reiterate: I take my son to Cody because this is the best place to go and I am willing to sacrifice to make this happen.

Joseph Benavides